Cingular Buys AT&T Wireless

17 February 2004

It seems that Cingular won the bid for AT&T Wireless. I like my ATTWS service. They have reasonable data service, and they have lots of slick phones for me to ogle. I've not had to call customer service much, so I can't complain there too much either. If all goes well, Cingular will keep AT&T's network and technology together, add their's into the mix, and shake up the plans and rates a bit. Expansion of the GSM network and some sweetened data rates could inspire me to replace our phones with some nice new GSM-only phones with all the bells and whistles, like MMS, cameras, PIM, etc. I'm hopeful.

ATTWS' data rates are more expensive than T-Mobile, but with my dual-mode phone, I have better overall coverage. I can switch to TDMA when the GSM network is missing. They've already built out enough new GSM to tempt me to give up TDMA, and I hope adding Cingular's network and universal roaming on T-Mobile, etc will give me good reason to renew my contract and get a new phone.

Of course, this could just be me being dim and not seeing how this is going to screw me in the end. The last time my provider got bought out, I ended up ultimately switching away to AT&T. PCS One had SMS/email and free mobile-to-mobile that I liked. When Voicestream bought them, they did away with the free air and broke email for months on end. T-Mobile seems to have served the old PCS One customers much better after buying up Voicestream.

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