2018-01-16 Clojure Koans (Part 1)

16 January 2018

Clojure Koans is a project of failing assertions with blanks that are to be filled by the student. I’ve completed them previously, but I’m sure I didn’t understand everything, so I’m going through them again. Here are my solutions for the first 7 sections.

2018-01-15 OPML Report

15 January 2018

I got some much-needed help from the Vancouver Clojure Meetup on a remote Clojure(Script) hack night. They helped me clean up my code a bit, and they pointed out some next steps, like a generic method for accessing nodes in the XML. I really appreciate the help, since I don’t even know how good Clojure code looks.

2018-01-08 More OPML Report

08 January 2018

I got the XML parsing looking a little better, but I’m still not super-happy with it.

2018-01-01 Parse OPML

01 January 2018

To kick off the Make365, I took a little time to start writing some Clojure code for a task that I could easily do in Groovy: parse and display a summary of my long list of podcasts.

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