10 Commandments

There've been quite a few stories recently about controversy over the Christian 10 Commandments in schools, government buildings, etc. It seems some wayward judges and school administrators like to honor the commandments as the basis of our legal system and society. The truth is that it's the only code of conduct out there. Every major religion or philosphy has its rules. If the state advocates one, to be fair, they must advocate all the others.

Enter law. Law is the agnostic codification of the rules by which everyone is expected to abide regardless of your beliefs. Law is the combination of all the good ideas from all the religions, so no one religion needs to be recognized above others. Government doesn't need to be concerned with one religion's rules, just with the laws the government itself ratifies -- Order without religious bias. Our government was founded on religious freedom, so it can't rightly promote one over any others.

Post monuments to our laws, not our religions -- the laws themselves represent our compromises and agreement as a people. Religious monuments disregard the rights of people outside that fold.

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