Events for the Photo Site

26 February 2010

Way back in the day, when I used to shoot at clubs and raves, I'd always want a way to share the images with the people I'd meet, but exchanging email could be a bit cumbersome or just be a deterrent.

While I'm not out clubbing these days, I'm still often out at various events, so I still need a quick and easy way to point people to the images, so I just added the Event Code box to the photo site.

While I'm out shooting, I can create an event code (from imagination or using my phone), and then write that short code on my business card to hand out. Then it's really easy for someone to hit my site, punch in the code, and get right to the photos on Flickr or in the Gallery.

It's just one of those little things I've wanted for a while, and now I've finally added it.

Mobility Considerations

14 January 2008

I'm looking to replace my ThinkPad R40, so listening to Mobile Tech Roundup 120 gave me a moment to consider going with a super phone or something otherwise ultra-mobile instead of a notebook.

I've long liked the idea of the Nokia N95, and the MoTR people made the HTC Advantage sound pretty slick. I'd also consider anything SonyEricsson smart phone. All these phones still cost more than half of what I expect to spend on a full notebook.

The MoTR guys were talking about how they could get by on these devices to cover CES and do other work, but I realized that they really just needed media, browsing, writing, and networking. My main tasks outside of browsing are:

  1. Photo editing
  2. Coding (in Eclipse)
  3. Video editing

I unfortunately just can't do these things on a mobile platform as far as I've seen. I've been liking sitting at the dual-core desktop for photo editing, so I really look forward to a dual-core ThinkPad R61 to replace the R40.

Asus' Eee PC is intriguing, and I think I'd look into it as a network computer, but it doesn't look like it would cut it for image editing. The resolution would make Eclipse hard to use as well. I've stuggled too long on low-res displays.

My Own Little Web 2.0

29 March 2007

I've had my little mobile weblog for a couple years, but its functionality is relatively limited, so I'm looking for more.

I've become a bit of a joiner recently, and I've joined a few services, including Groovr, Twitter, and most recently Flickr. I figure I have my normal weblog for longer-form articles and a repository for my more important thoughts, but I could use Twitter and Flickr for the micro stuff.

I don't want to be splattered all over the internet like some of people I know, so I need a way to pull this all back together into one place -- one stream. If I'm posting on Twitter and Flickr at about the same time, then it's likely the photos and text are related and should be presented together.

How do I integrate these? Or should I be looking at another service? Groovr wasn't quite it, but could be some day.

I'm also not sure how important the social aspect is to me. It's awfully amusing to watch certain people within these networks, but am I really contributing anything back to these networks? Probably not so much. I must have at least a bit of an exhibitionist thing, though, since I want to post this stuff at all.

Vacation Stress

15 September 2006

I'm sort of panicked about going on vacation. It just feels like I'm being plucked from all the stuff I'm trying to get done to allow it to all pile up for my return. I'll be missing a very important week at work and removing myself from many of my normal technical comforts.

I'm trying to remain calm by reminding myself that a tethered EDGE connection is reasonable to use, and I may get some time to sit and read and work on some code. I also look forward to chasing the kids and playing with the camera a bit.

Getting normal life wrapped up in preparation to drop it for a week is hard work.

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