Away from the Computer on April 1

02 April 2007

I wasn't really online much yesterday, so thankfully, I found a roundup of all the good jokes.

Drunk and Retired Podcast

12 March 2007

The Drunk and Retired Podcast is the Beavis and Butthead of software development. I made Doug listen to it on the way home in the car, and he hated it! I love it! It's definitely one of my top podcasts (netcasts?) of the week.

Hilarious Google Video Finds

10 October 2006

It's amazing how you can waste time finding odd stuff on Google Video, so for your entertainment, I offer: Beat Boxin' Bush, and The Internet is for Porn: The Musical.

Maybe it's just that I've never played World of Warcraft, but I'm always so surprised to see what you can make those avatars do.

This Year's Christmas Gift

06 October 2006

When I have trouble finding gifts for people this year, I'm getting them the DVD Rewinder!

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