Watching for Linux WTK 2.5

16 April 2007

I love the new software rat race for some reason, so I was all excited to see WTK 2.5 was released. It's only for WinXP at this point, though, so I'll be watching for the Linux one. I hope it won't be too long, since my Linux notebook is my only mobile development platform. I've been using WTK 2.2 for the longest time.

Update (13 April 2007): I see that Sun has an early access version of WTK 2.5.1 available for Linux.

Update (16 April 2007): Thank's to an explanation at man-di's weblog, I see that it's built against a newer version of GLIBC (2.4 I guess), so the emulator doesn't want to run on my Debian unstable box.

Fortunately, I just did an update of Debian and found that GLIBC 2.5 just hit the unstable tree. Awesome! I'm up and running now.

Cingular Settings Are Moving Targets

06 February 2007

A month or 2, Doug's Cingular phone stopped getting proper DNS settings, so his Java applications which used hostnames to make HTTP connections just broke mysteriously. We poked a hard-coded DNS server in there, and all was well again.

Yesterday, I noted that my Groovr emails silently stopped getting delivered. Further testing today showed that no outgoing email was working, so I went through the normal dance of digging up the configurations from the Cingular Support site. I found it now recommends setting the outgoing server to, and not I experienced these same kinds of shifts with the SMS-to-email gateways a while ago.

I'm glad that I've learned where to find these answers and don't need to call up tech support every few months when they change things on me.

Update (2007-02-06): has been broken all morning now. The phone just said "Email failed." -- it doesn't really give much clue. I just tested again, though, and the message finally went through. I wish there was somewhere to track these known outages. I really don't feel like contacting a help desk that probably has no idea either.

Mobile Flickr Browsing

22 November 2006

Flickr Mobile is available now. There are so many beautiful and interesting photos coming across Flickr, and this makes it available in those spare moments when you're looking to kill some time.

The native browser in my SE S710a didn't want to display the page, but Opera Mini does just fine.

Figured Out Sudoku

16 November 2006

I loaded the little Sudoku Spot JavaME game on my phone a long time ago, then wiped it, because I couldn't figure out a strategy to play. Bryn recently expressed interest in getting a Sudoku game loaded on her phone, so I suggested this one, since it had a better interface than any of the others that I had seen.

I figured I'd load it myself again, and see if I could figure it out, and this time, it clicked, so I finally figured out the strategy for this game. I've actually completed a few boards.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the Linux bluetooth stuff to push Java applications to the Motorola V551/V557. I did find that I can put the jar in the Other directory on my SonyEricsson S710a, and I can push it from there to other phones, including the Motorola phones.

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