2018-01-10 Polarity Game Piece

Polarity is a cool little game where 2 players face off taking turns placing all their disc magnets on a canvas field until they’ve placed them all. Each magnet must lean on the magnetic field of other pieces that the player has placed on the playing field. If a player disturbs magnets that are already placed, and they snap together, then the player needs to remove the pieces from the field and return them to their hand.

The game fell out of pubilcation and got hard to acquire, so I was out of luck when I wanted to stop borrowing a friend’s copy and have my own.

I had just printed the sleeve for the puck-shaped Ruuvi Tag, and that design would be pretty close to a game piece with a disc magnet inserted. I had already purchased magnets, so I’ll print a bunch of these pieces, paint the circle on a piece of canvas, and I’ll have my game.

I’ll likely make some variations in the future, such as rendering some pieces as some polygons instead of circles, so you can have a limited number of them that will be really good for tight situations.

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