Starscape 2003 Pictures

I took lots of pictures, so queue them up on slideshow or something and enjoy:

Starscape was an excellent time. We were there from about midnight to 5am. The weather cooperated for the most part. The tents were amazing and the beach areas were cozy.

Buzzlife's house tent really was the place to be most the time. It was a very danceable area and there were lots of people. We saw a bit of Jimmy Van M, Green Velvet, and the legendary Scott Henry before we left. Those pics have the half geodesic dome, an overhead screen, and dj shots from the right.

The Ultraworld tent was the Drum 'n' Bass area. It was quite loud and the music was heavy. It was just slightly denser than I like most the time. Additionally, "live" dnb seems to require an MC these days, which is a huge disappointment. Those guys drive me crazy: just shut up and let me dance! I saw Swarm, Photek, and Dieselboy for sure. There were others (from Planet of the Drums) about whom I wasn't sure (the MC wasn't announcing their names every 10 seconds). This area was the best decorated and had interesting glowing people, so I think you'll recognize those in the gallery.

Sonic Soul had a nice little area down on the beach too with some little projections and stuff. There are pictures of that. It sounded like a slightly downtempo version of the house tent when I was down there. It was quite nice.

We found Kenny right away, and he led us down to the DCRaves area where we met a few people from the mailing list. That was odd, since I don't post much, no one knows my name, though I recognized names. We also stumbled upon the long lost Andrew at the end of the night! It was good to find him again. He seems good. The house tent was not a good place to talk, so we only caught up minimally.

Baltimore police crawled the place as security. They seemed to be in good spirits. I've heard only fun stories about the cops, so I think the whole thing probably looked good to the masses. On our 2-mile walk back to the car, we even saw one cop give a couple kids a ride up to the makeshift satellite parking area. It seems the policeman just decided to be nice! :) There was a a tow truck sitting just up the street too waiting for dead batteries, I guess. He sat there twiddling a glowstick patiently.

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