Offsite Backup

California fires have me thinking of all the stuff I'd lose should my place burn down. I think I'd be in relatively good shape if I could grab my stack of hard drives and run. Of course, all these drives are securely mounted in monsterous, heavy full-tower cases. I'd surely perish, with my memories and my data trying to lug them out.

I currently backup this stuff to a separate box, but it's sitting right next to the other server on the same fire-vulnerable desk. I should get a monster USB-IDE drive, so I can grab it and run.

Another more likely solution is offsite backups. Anyone want to trade space? I'll hold somem of your stuff, if you hold mine?

Pushing 1.5G (and growing) of pictures out my cablemodem could be problematic (about 17hrs of problematic by my calculations), so I guess I should just burn a couple CDs and drop them at a friends house, since those are pretty static.

So, seriously, anyone want to do backups?

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