Aquarium Troubles

These tiny fish among others have grown into big, huge fish in my 16-gallon aquarium, but now they are unfortunately stuggling. A fungus has been going around the tank and slowly killing fish. I had 6 feeder fish that grew to each be a couple inches long, but this fungus has reduced that number to 3 now, and none of the fish are looking good.

It's disappointing. I worked on that tank a lot (a lot for goldfish, anyway), and it's not helping. Everyone was always amazed how large the fish had grown, but my luck seems to be running low.

The remaining fish are in a five-gallon bucket at the moment, but not thriving it seems. I had hoped to rebuild the tank from scratch over the weekend -- new water, gravel, live plants, plastic plants. It's too little too late. I guess I'll need to add new fish to that equation. I'll probably get more feeder fish, since they're fun to watch grow.

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