Christmas on Slashdot

I saw this random comment on a Slashdot story, and I think my Christmas list just got a little shorter. I'll just be happy with the abundance of good fortune I already have:

I'm pretty much a gadget geek. Here are some of the things that I want for Christmas:

1) Job, so that I can buy these things for myself. Being laid off sucks.
2) Something for my daughter, besides the bare necessities.
3) Something for my wife. She works hard because I'm laid off.
4) December's mortgage payment.
5) November's property tax payment.
6) One night of uninterrupted sleep.
7) A two-month contract, just enough to get through December
8) A month contract, just enough to get through November.
9) A week contract, just enough to pay my phone and electric bill.
10) All the above for my friend, who's worse off than I am.

I stopped dreaming about dual Opterons about six months ago.

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