AGP Broke My Software Suspend

Debian recently put a slicker version of hotplug in place that actually probes the PCI bus and loads all the appropriate drivers for what it finds. It automatically loaded intel-agp.ko, which I never before loaded. This module caused a mysterious failure of swsusp. I'd end up in a resume-reboot loop. Once I added the module to the /etc/hotplug/blacklist, suspend continued functioning.

I had explored all sorts of possibilities trying to fix this thing:

  • I had added a second swap partition (reclaiming my old S4bios partition).
  • I downgraded my kernel to revert the latest ACPI BK patches which fixed my battery monitor.
  • I even tried to figure out the alternative pmdisk support, which did absolutely nothing.

In the end, it was this swsusp-devel message which clued me into the fix.

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