A New Phone Lust: T616

The SonyEricsson T616 has caught my eye recently. It does everything I'd want from a phone, and it probably even allows me to talk to people if I must. The price is even reasonable.

It does Java, and I've been wanting to get into J2ME for a while now, but I had been looking in the direction of a PDA. Now I can stick with one device and do it on a phone, though I don't actually have time to learn J2ME right now. :(

Additionally, it has the little camera feature I've wanted, the standard WAP web browsing, plus IRDA to talk to my laptop. It even has bluetooth, which will make talking to the computer even easier, as I'll not need to even take it out of my pocket to connect to it!

The only obstacle is convincing myself to replace my current Siemens S46. I don't have time to learn J2ME, my current phone does IRDA just fine, the WAP browser sucks but it's usable, and I don't mind black and white. While it is relatively cheap for all the features, I don't need to spend the money on it. Getting new (and different) phones for Claire and I would help me avoid mistakenly swiping her phone in the morning, though.

I've managed to put off buying a PDA for years now, and I never did buy the SonyEricsson T68i, so I may even be able to avoid buying this one too. The toys just keep getting better and cheaper the longer I wait.

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