Adjusting IRQs

I've had issues with my ThinkPad occasionally freezing after a swsusp and resume, since I got the thing.

It always struck me as odd that all my devices ran on the same IRQ 11, so almost a week ago, I found where this is done in the BIOS, and I changed them all from 11 to Auto. Now most of them still get assigned to IRQ 11, but not all of them.

More importantly, I've been running for over 6 days now, suspending and resuming with no freezes. This is getting to be a long time, though it's previously behaved this long to just return to fits of freezing. That was rare. I'm also running Linux 2.6.12-rc2, but I had previously gotten that to freeze for me. We'll see if this machine is fixed or just messing with me.

Update (18 April 2005): Bah. It locked. It took a long time to do it though. I've found things that aggrevate the problem (like local APIC), and maybe I've found that diversifying IRQs helps alleviate it.

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