After JavaBlogs

Now that I have topic-based RSS feeds and I could publish to java.blogs, it feels like I'm done coding for the blog -- time to just burn out for a while.

I'm almost wrong, though. I have plenty that could still be done:

  • Clean out old finders now that I've switched to an ArticleRequest search object to encapsulate all the filtering parameters.
  • Implement a DAO method to select articles by ArticleRequest, instead of filtering it through Java code.
  • Preview comments before posting. Selectable HTML formatting for comments.
  • Spellchecking.
  • User/password management.
  • Multiple-author support. I eliminated most the code that supported having more than one login, since it complicated the entire system before I clarified some things.
  • Trackback/Ping.
  • Data-driven links.
  • Smarter login behavior for remembering your location, instead of always sending you back to the article list page.
  • Topic management.
  • Apply struts validation where possible.
I basically want to start making the whole system more generic so it may be suitable for public release and re-use someday.

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