Ambitions Elsewhere

Looking back over the past couple weblog entries, I can see I've not been very productive in the technology or Java world.

I have been doing cool things at home and work though.

At home, this past weekend, I:

  • patched the bare spots in the lawn with this odd grass seed, fertilizer, dryer lint stuff from Scott's.
  • did a bit of rewiring at the breaker box to make room for future circuits to support more air conditioners this summer.
  • completed the deck (again!) -- covered the cinder blocks supporting the deck, and connected the 3 sets of deck outlets to power.
  • shopped lots -- We purchased most of a summer wardrobe for Paige at the cool Girls' Clothing Outlet in Columbia.
  • replaced my bike tire innertube, so now I can actually go biking.

I did eventually yesterday crash out and started to fall back into my more familiar immovable lump state.

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