Bad Notebook, No RAM For You!

My second RAM slot seems to be going bad in my notebook. At first, I'd reboot occassionally, and it would say "Amount of memory has changed.", then I'd reseat the chip, and it would be OK. Twice now, it seems to have lost that second chip while running. That causes bad noises in place of music, black screens, and computer-death otherwise.

I think I need a new machine, or at the very least, one big stick of RAM to replace the 2 I have now.

I'm trying to run the machine with only 256M RAM (in the first slot only) and it's terrible! Gnome, Mozilla, XFree86, and JBoss really require more RAM than this to be perform nicely.

Update (10 August 2004): It seems that PC100 SODIMMs only go up to 256M, and I've found no indication that my Inspiron 3800 can take PC133 RAM (which does go to 512M). I've bought RAM from Kahlon before, and their cool memory configurator (by notebook model) doesn't list any PC133 RAM. Does anyone know any differently or possibly have a piece of 144-pin PC133 RAM that I could try?

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