Birthday Recap

Yesterday, I turned 27, so I'm officially out of my mid-20s.

It was a great day though. I got up (almost too early) at 7:30AM, did some computer stuff for 30 minutes, then played with Paige for a couple hours while Claire napped.

We ran out to the mall in the afternoon to wander just a little. I had a gift card for Sears, so I found 2 nice shirts on sale. Before I got to purchase them, though, someone announced over the loud speaker that all the cashiers should turn off all the computers (The Great Sears Crash!). That was shortly followed by, "We have to close Sears.". I didn't get to buy my cool clearance shirts, so now they're probably gone. :( Maybe I can make it back out there before work today. (I'm working a later noon-8pm shift.)

Claire arranged to have a pile of people (like 17 total) convene for dinner at El Serrano. It's always nice to see lots of people come out. Many people came back to keep the party going. Thanks, everyone!

Between outtings I managed to get more blog code written, committed, and deployed. I was quite pleased with myself to have gotten an intial RSS feed going. It's only good for all of the front page, but it should be quite easy to get topic filters in place next. The RSS feed just ends up a simple little struts action strung onto the normal article list action (instead of the list action going to the jsp. Struts makes things pretty simple.

I think at this point, I have most things I want, so the best gift can be a few contiguous moments in which to just do one thing -- code a bit, read some email, play with Paige, watch a movie, whatever.

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