Book: Beginning J2ME

A couple months ago, I bought an electronic copy of Sing Li's and Jonathan Knudsen's Beginning J2ME: From Novice to Professional from Apress. I had already started learning this stuff from online documents, articles, and API JavaDocs, but now I really wanted examples of design and architecture of a Java ME application. This book helped fill in those gaps for me and lead me down a more confident path with my current application.

This was another one of those books that I almost skipped entire chapters. I very quickly skimmed through most of the last half of the book: files, OBEX, bluetooth, Game API, 3D graphics, messaging, MMAPI, and encryption. I've just not needed these abilities yet, but I know just where to find them when I do. Some of these APIs are also disabled on my phone until I pay for a certificate and start signing applications.

To limit my scope even further, my current application that I'm developing is only using MIDP 1.0, though I'm pretty sure I'll be moving on to MIDP 2.0 next, since this book showed me how much easier it can be. I'm pretty sure this book will be useful to me for the next several applications I develop as I get into using these newer APIs.

*Apress ebooks are great -- I Paypalled my $20 to them and moments later downloaded it. Instant gratification with no shipping and no searching book stores. That's good, because Java ME books are hard to find.

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