Building Your Own J2SDK Packages for Debian

Alex Malinovich enlightened us in an email on the debian-user mailing list as to building your own nice .deb files from Sun's official J2SDK .bin files. I'd like to note the steps here for my own and other's benefit.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download J2SDK or JRE .bin from Sun.
  2. apt-get install java-package fakeroot
  3. Build your deb file:
    fakeroot make-jpkg <downloaded.bin>
  4. Install Debian's java support files:
    apt-get install sun-<whatever version>debian
  5. dpkg -i <new j2sdk>.deb

I saw a couple errors doing it, but no show-stoppers, and it did, in the end, produce a working deb file which I installed.

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