Catching Your Twitter Replies in FriendFeed

I use FriendFeed to aggregate all my content, and that echoes it out to Twitter for people who prefer to use that service to follow me.

I'm following many of my friends in FriendFeed, but I still need to see every Twitter reply without having to go check Twitter, so I:

  • Created a private FriendFeed group called jflinchbaugh-twitter-replies.
  • Went to Twitter Search, searched for @jflinchbaugh
  • Imported that search result page as a feed into my private group.

Now I can just watch that group as part of my normal feed, and it shows me any replies within a couple hours of them being posted, and I often end up finding or creating a FriendFeed user for contacts I didn't know lived on Twitter.

Note: While playing with my twitter search feed, I noticed that my FriendFeed comments on those entries weren't echoed out to Twitter, so I just switched it to a Standard group, and that allows for the comments to be posted to Twitter.

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