Coding Time

I really need to clean up the interface to my blog. I find it absolutely charming , but it's really lacking navigation and features. I intend to add an explorer-like nav bar on the left (like a file tree) and a menu across the top. You'd think I'm a fan of programming IDEs or something, but I'm not. I just think it would be a nice look, and vi(1) just doesn't provide enough of an interface to emulate on a web page!

I'll use struts-tiles which make that stuff look easy enough. I just have to work out the css for it. I'm challenging myself to not use tables and use css instead. I could probably more completely implement current navigation as well. You may have noticed, I have sort of standard hard-coded dump points for some actions, which is annoying.

The other java-based weblog packages out there seem sort of featureful, but I suffer severely of NCHS (Not Coded Here Syndrome), so I'm still writing my own for the practice. I mean, that's what this is all about, right? I'm learning struts here, which is the tier all those others have implemented. If I was merely interested in EJB work, I'd grab one of the others and implement an EJB tier under it.

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