DVD Burner

Between work and the Harrisburg JUG meeting, I wandered out to Best Buy to blow a gift card I've had since Christmas. I came home with a Sony DVD+-RW with dual layer capability and all that (and a rebate to mail, of course).

Currently, my 2 computers in which I could install this thing have uptimes of 190 days and 300+ days, so I don't think I'll go rebooting any computers just yet to install this thing. I figure it'll be my consolation prize when one of the machines goes down.

I want to burn DVDs for my off-site backups (2 DVD-RWs instead of 9 CD-RWs), so it could be advisable to put the burner in the machine that actually houses the backups, a P5-200Mhz. I'm really curious to see if it works in there. On one hand, the drives suggests a P4-1.6Ghz(!?), but really, how hard could it be to stream a UDF image on the fly from a local SCSI filesystem to an IDE burner? The data is already compressed. Maybe I'll have a chance to find out.

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