Dangers of Commuting

Last night on my way home, I shared the road with an 18-wheeler who high-beamed me as he merged behind me into the slow lane as if I was in his way or something. Then he laid on the air horn for 20 seconds at another car that slipped out in front of him in stopped traffic.

Then there was the disruptively hurried SUV darting back and forth between lanes but getting nowhere. (I must admit that I was at key moments not as accomodating as I could have been.)

The final treat was all of the slow lane having to swerve at the last moments around a wheel barrow laying in the middle of the lane. I'd find it hard to believe that no one hit that through the course of the night. Wheel barrows don't have reflectors or tail lights, you don't expect to see something like that laying around in the road, and there are many big vehicles (like 18-wheelers) which just don't swerve around things like that as well as others do. I was really lucky that he left lane was clear when I happened upon the scene, because there were cars crawling slowly around it on the shoulder, and there was nowhere else to go. With everyone seeing it so late, you had little indication what was going on until the car in front of you slammed the brakes and darted to one side or the other.

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