Debian Testing Net Install on Acer Sempron 3100+

I bought an Acer Sempron 3100+ from NewEgg for K-Prep, and they'll be using Debian Linux on it to save on software licensing. Gnucash only runs on Linux as well.

The Net Install CD from Debian Etch worked great! I had it up and running within a couple hours. Video, network card, sound, and even the SATA drive worked right out of the box. I've not tested the DVD burner yet, but I'm confident it'll work just fine. The machine has a multi-card reader in place of a floppy drive, and I was surprised to find that to work be working nicely out of the box as well. Something in Gnome, maybe hald, can see when I stick in a card and automatically puts it on the desktop and offers to import the photos -- pretty nice. I have to figure out how to do that on my other machines, since it seems much slicker than autofs I had been using.

It's been running FAST too. I compiled and packaged a custom kernel with Debian's kernel-package in about 25 minutes. That's about how fast my old dual Athlon 1800+ did it.

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