Deck Progress

The deck is coming along nicely. There are pictures in the gallery of the mostly completed deck with lights and all.

We're working on further wiring, which includes outlets on the deck and extending new circuits into the house for AC this summer. I'm about ready to put down the stone and fire ring within the next week or 2 as well.

Update (4 March 2004): I worked last night until about 10:30pm and have the stone area framed nicely and dug out to make room for the gravel. Tonight we'll try to pick some gravel, and early next week, I hope to pick it up and put it in place. I'll have the first fire going in no time!

Update (8 March 2004): Thanks to Dougie and his borrowed truck, I have less displaced dirt in my lawn, and I have the stone and firepit in place. Stauffer's has lots of stone, mulch, brick, etc in large quantities, so I managed to spend a fraction of what I would have had I bought stone by the 0.5 cu ft bag at Lowes or Home Depot. Here's a photo of the completed fire pit. Ultimately, I expect we'll create opportunities for people to stop by within the next month. (Party!) :)

I'm really glad my Dad recommended the red stone, because it really does hide the mixed in dirt. If I had bought the snow-white marble chips, I would have immediately regretted it with the dirt that immediately got mixed with the stone as I made adjustments.

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