Design Patterns Notes

The Design Pattern talk went well on Thursday. We had 42 people show up, which is quite a bit more than usual. A combination of early and repeated announcements and hopefully an interesting topic seemed to have brought people out. I also dragged a few work people (Doug and Suthan). No one got up and left, so hopefully the presentation was what they had expected.

The slides and code are available for download from my web server.

I had taken extra time to ensure that my Eclipse session and my HTML slides would be large enough to see on the projector. Thankfully, my Linux ThinkPad worked flawlessly with the projector. I was pleased that my notebook proved useful. I even had the fun Bluetooth remote thing connected to my phone, but I couldn't really make good use of it, since I was switching virtual desktops often between full-screen Firefox (for slides) and Eclipse (for code browsing and demonstration).

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