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get off my lawn!

I've been happily kicking along in Gnome 2.x-whatever on my Debian and Ubuntu machines for quite sometime. When Ubuntu tried to push me over into Unity back in April, I gave it half a day, then reverted back to Gnome 2 for familiarity and more workspaces.

Well, it's October now, and Ubuntu made the push again, but this time, it also pushed Gnome up to 3.2, which is drastically different as well. With no solace in Gnome, I've had to just sort of try to figure out the Unity-way with no controls and their "it's for your own good" mentality. (It feels a lot like that other OS that I wiped off a Mac Book Pro.)

A couple more days passed, and my Debian unstable machine upgraded to Gnome 3.0, and my good ol' Gnome 2.x was gone. So I'm trying Unity on my Ubuntu netbook, and I'm trying Gnome 3.0 on my photo workstation/server. They're similar enough, but it's still disorienting bouncing between the 2 environments -- while Unity hasn't offered any absolute show-stoppers, I may land on Gnome for consistency. It might also be time to look into KDE or XFCE -- somehow, I think they probably still offer me all the knobs and buttons I've used previously to customize my desktop.

If I wanted to give up my choices, I could just run a Mac -- they have nice hardware and a Unixy OS.

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