Digital Video

I'm now the proud owner of a Canon ZR65MC mini-DV camera, a Samsung SCD27 mini-DV camera, and a no-name Firewire (IEEE1394) card with useless Windows software.

Even though it appears that I'm wired for internet porn production, have no fear, we're just evaluating cameras and making Paige a STAR!

Paige does cute things everyday. We've been able to capture some of it in still photos, but we're really missing the cute little motions and SOUNDS! Someday, we'll want to look back and and show Paige when she used to be cute (before she was a know-it-all teenager and not as cute).

So, back to the equipment, watch this space for reviews as we play with these things. One camera is destined to return to Circuit City.

After our first night of playing, the Canon has a nicer display and feels sturdier (heavier), but the Samsung seems easier to use and navigate, has more features, is lighter, and costs less. Admittedly, I have not cracked any manuals for either camera yet. I haven't installed the Firewire card yet, either.

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