Eating My Way Across Disney

Back in the middle of January, the whole family (with my parents) took a vacation to Disney World in Florida. We spent a week there, had a great time, and we ate very well.

We went back to EPCOT for dinner a couple times, so we needed the park-hopper tickets to allow us to switch parks at dinner time.

Here are some of the restaurants we visited in order of my preference:

  1. Tusker House Checkin Lunch at Tusker House (Animal Kingdom/Africa) -- buffet with a wide variety regional dishes to try. (I remember this being very veggie friendly.)
  2. Marrakesh Hallways Dinner at Marrakesh (EPCOT/Morocco) -- beautiful restaurant with interesting Moroccan food I've not had previously -- we split the expensive "feast" sampler and an appetizer, so we could try lots of different things. While I may not really like Moroccan food, it was an awesome experience.
  3. Lunch at the quick burrito/taco place, La Cantina, in EPCOT/Mexico.
  4. Le Cellier Le Cellier Steakhouse (EPCOT/Canada) had excellent food and beer. I had the Trois di Pistoles from Canada's own Unibroue brewery.
  5. Kids with Eeyore Pooh character breakfast (buffet) at Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom.
  6. For Italian, Mama Melrose in Hollywood Studios was better than Tony's in Magic Kingdom.
  7. Paige and Belle Norway's restaurant with the princess was only OK. The authentic Norwegian dish amounts to a meat loaf, and the appetizer buffet wasn't very extensive.

I also drank my way half way around the world, but I sort of ran out of time on that endeavor.

My parents made all the dinner reservations, some 2 months in advance (Le Cellier) and some 9 hours: (407) WDW–DINE takes care of all that.

The photos are in the gallery, and it's not just food.

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