Excessive Memory Usage

My notebook seems to be hurting for more memory, but I'm not sure what's causing it. I can see memory usage of everything, but I don't know what the usages were previously. I've recently started working with Webwork and EJB3, but I do regular upgrades of everything else, so it could be anything.

Between JBoss, latest Eclipse, Gnome, etc, the 512M is being eaten up. Rhythmbox is pretty high on the list as well. I'm going to try dropping jPodder for a lighter podcatcher, hpodder, and see if it makes a difference. It seems obscene to install more memory in a Linux notebook. It's supposed to be all efficient, the savior of older hardware.

Since I've recently found that I can run JBoss out of PermGen space, I'm afraid it's Webwork and/or EJB3. This is going to be painful when I try to deploy my new application to the less-resourceful production server.

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