Fear of Holes in the House

I hate home improvements. It all stems from my fear of making holes in the wrong places, or breaking things worse, or doing the job half-assed, because I didn't know the proper way to do it in the first place.

I hung a big huge ceiling fan myself, and I'm quite proud. After consulting with my Dad and realizing how simple it was when I didn't overthink, I screwed it into the ceiling joist. That was the issue -- supporting the weight. The old junction box was quite flimsy and the directions made a big deal about having a strong box from which to hang this thing, so I completely overlooked the big strong wood thing. I'm confident the fan will not kill us now.

Otherwise, the house is wired terribly. I need many more circuits, but of course, running wire requires me to strategically place HOLES in the house, and I'm just not convinced I have enough information to sufficiently place them. I'll end up with the extra holes that got me nothing but an eye sore in my nice kitchen.

It may become obvious that I've never used spackle, and on top of that, I'd need to paint the spackle. The new color will be slightly off, and it'll still be an eyesore, so I'll have to repaint the entire wall and room. Paint will get on the floor, and I'll end up replacing the carpet and scratch the walls during that installation. If somehow, I do manage to get the room reassembled, it'll look nicer than the adjacent room and I'll be obligated to fix up that other room. It's a vicious cycle that I'm going to avoid by refraining from hanging that shelf or running that wire or whatever.

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