Figured Out Sudoku

I loaded the little Sudoku Spot JavaME game on my phone a long time ago, then wiped it, because I couldn't figure out a strategy to play. Bryn recently expressed interest in getting a Sudoku game loaded on her phone, so I suggested this one, since it had a better interface than any of the others that I had seen.

I figured I'd load it myself again, and see if I could figure it out, and this time, it clicked, so I finally figured out the strategy for this game. I've actually completed a few boards.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the Linux bluetooth stuff to push Java applications to the Motorola V551/V557. I did find that I can put the jar in the Other directory on my SonyEricsson S710a, and I can push it from there to other phones, including the Motorola phones.

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