Frustrated Enough to Maybe Contribute

I have a few severe irritations with the state of my computer right now:

  1. swsusp still causes occassional lockups on my ThinkPad R40. I've already rebuilt 8 times trying to find the configuration that causes the problem.
  2. Rhythmbox interacts poorly with esound and causes Rhythmbox to become unresponsive.
  3. Rhythmbox has a good music library interface, but I want an option to show the file name, so I can differentiate podcasts and ripped streams that don't embed that info into their metadata.
  4. Automount on my notebook refuses to expire the NFS mounts it used to do backups overnight. The server does it just fine.

I'm frustrated enough with these things that I may soon be motivated to dig in, focus, and try to debug and fix them myself. Then I can contribute the patches back to the projects or at least document my configuration problems and how I fixed it.

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