G4TechTV Impressions

Since the merge of TechTV and G4, I've been trying to watch G4TechTV a bit. Mostly the old TechTV carry-overs are worthwhile and the rest are not so much. I watched quite a bit last night while finishing up my major blog refactoring. Actually, it's pretty much the only TV I've been watching over the past week (10pm-1am).

I've frequently watched Anime Unleashed which has been featuring the Serial Experiments Lain series, which I absolutely love.

A recent Icons episode about the history of Tetris was incredibly educational -- just like good old TechTV. I'm almost positive this one had to come from TechTV.

Filter's Controversial Games episode was entertaining more as a social commentary. It was probably about the most informative thing G4 could put together. It had the scantly-clad hostess chick in leather with a whip -- mostly funny. Carmageddon made the countdown, which may have been one of the only games I had played.

Martin Sargent's Unscrewed is entertaining enough, but not required viewing by any stretch of the imagination. It's just designed to be shocking.

They're still running Fresh Gear, which is, again, decent programming from TechTV. This along with X-Play could be closer to the bottom of the TechTV barrel.

I haven't really caught any of the Screensavers on the new channel, though. It's too bad Leo Laporte couldn't stay.

Having tried to find all these links to their site and all, I've realized that they don't have much content on there, and it's quite difficult to navigate. It really does amount to "We mentioned this game in the show, here's a link to buy it."

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