Gimp: Delete Configs When Tracking 1.3

I've been following Gimp 1.3 for several months (as long as Debian has tracked it). It's been working pretty nicely, and I've made it my primary image tool.

In the past couple pre-2.0 releases, I've found that the '1' shortcut key for 100% zoom would trigger that function even outside the image window. In particular, it would happen in the select tool window where I was trying type '1280' into the fixed-ratio rectangular select. This kept me from actually typing a '1' in any fields, so I'd have to unbind the hotkey to use it -- quite obnoxious.

I was about to file a bug against it, but I first decided to just blow away my .gimp-1.3/ directory and let the program rebuild it from scratch. This fixed the problem!

Additionally, I got the new default dialog layout which puts all the really useful dialogs into 2 windows on the screen. I haven't taken the time to really figure out exactly how the dockable windows work to set that sort of thing up for myself. The default does things I didn't even know were possible.

It's probably good advice to try resetting configurations when tracking through multiple versions of development/unstable software. (Reinstalling works for Windows users, so why shouldn't the rule be applied to any other unstable system? ;) )

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