Gnome 2.6 in Debian

Gnome 2.6 has been migrating slowly into Debian unstable over the past couple days. I had to remain patient for a bit as my desktop was minorly broken, but it seems to be intact now. I think most the problems came from the XFree86 upgrade in reality.

The Gnome config daemon was dying randomly, because it couldn't load the bad keymaps distributed with X, and the system monitor was broken at one point due to missing libraries. Unthemed GTK isn't very exciting, so I was pleased when the config daemon came back.

The new keyboard mapping applet is much more featureful and friendly than the old one. I think the less experienced users will find it useful.

I also noted a few games on my system recently as well. I've always been a nut for Frozen Bubble, but I had rediscovered Same Gnome this weekend and SuperTux, which is a side-scroller like Super Mario Brothers. I'm really not good at playing games, though. I thought it would be a nice change, but I keep thinking the whole time I'm playing that I should be coding or fine-tuning some other system I use.

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