Google Talk

I won't bother using the new Google Talk, but I may finally be able to convince my friends to drop all other IM networks in favor of this open Jabber network.

I've been running my own Jabber server for years, but I've always relied upon the sometimes-flaky transports to relay messages to AOL friends. Now maybe, I'll be able to drop the transports for a pure Jabber implementation.

When all of you get hooked up, try adding me to your contacts:

Update (25 August 2005): Doug and Stacey have proven that server-to-server (s2s) do not work yet on, so you won't be able to message me yet.

I really hope they manage to enable s2s, so they can intercommunicate. Only being able to IM Google Talk users would be like only being able to email GMail users from GMail. The migrating users may not realize that yet, since their previous IM networks had never been so open.

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