Holidays Are Cool

For a bit there, my job afforded me the opportunity to forget how cool these little one-off holidays are. I'm supposed to get 13 holidays per year, but last year I ended up working through many of them. This year is shaping up to be better.

Having a holiday to myself (since Claire didn't take the day off) wasn't so bad. I got to sleep a bit, sat at the computer for extended periods, then played with Paige for a bit in the afternoon.

My major accomplishment has been to catch up on ALL my video editing. I wasn't as picky this time about editing, since I had a huge backload. I had about 25 minutes sitting on the computer since the beginning of December, and I had another 40 minutes on the camera waiting to be dumped. I went through it all, broke it into separate little movies, encoded it to VCD mpeg, and uploaded it all to the gallery. My plate is clean!

Now I can go back to video taping Paige like a fanatic. If you want to see the videos, they are spread around a bit. Most can be found in the Paige 6- to 8-month galleries, and under Christmas 2003.

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