Identity Crisis

I'm to think like a user and actually be able to test this application here at work from the top down. This has already been a long day, and it just got longer.

It took me probably 1.5 years to get comfortable with the processes and procedures of the insurance industry in my previous job. The statewide court system is much more complex, or at least we're modelling a much broader field than I had to in insurance.

I've been at this job for almost 6 months, and while I may have come a long way, I still have a majority of the system to learn. I still don't know all the terms, or the path a court case takes through the judicial system. It makes it really difficult to "test with sane data" when I don't even know what a sane sequence of events would be. For good measure, there's even Latin words peppered through the choices on each screen. That's good fun.

Oh well, more challenges on top of an already long day. I had been very comfortable concentrating on my little slice of the system, but I'll be much more valuable when I actually know why the stuff does what it does. Working on monster projects is kind of neat...until you're required to see the big picture.

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