Installed Trac

The new edition of Practical Subversion mentioned Trac as a simple issue tracking software that integrated nicely with Subversion. Fortunately, Debian has it already packaged up, so I installed it, read a little, and setup a few Trac repositories to match my Subversion projects.

I just used the default SQLite support, and I was on my way pretty quickly. It gives me a wiki, issue tracker, and time-line, and source viewer -- all of which interlinked for easy navigation. Now that it's working, I may go to the trouble to convert the DB over to my preexisting PostgreSQL install.

After having read Practices of an Agile Developer, I started to realize that I could use a few extra tools to help me organize my personal projects and keep on track. Wikis have also seemed like an intriguing technology, but I always have doubts about my own ability to keep it in order and be able to find things when I need them. It must be better than the knowledge just floating around in my head only though. (That feels like a real problem at work.)

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