Interaction with Weblogs

I've been coding this weblog just for practice with all the fun J2EE stuff, but as I get into coding some of the standard interactions with other weblogs (Trackback), I don't always care to figure out every little detail -- it's just not as important to me, so I've been browsing other weblog software packages to see how they do it and using that code for reference.

Roller looks pretty slick. It's all implemented in the web tier using Struts, so it's of particular interest. It even uses Xdoclet. Roller doesn't do anything in EJB, so at that point, it's very different from mine. If I wasn't studying Struts so intently right now, I could be tempted to take Roller and reimplement the backend in EJB (session and entity), and let the Roller code-base take care of the web side which it does well already. I still expect Roller to be a great reference for me to learn, though.

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