JAAS: More to Learn

JavaPro has a pretty extensive article on JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service). The idea is to have a pluggable authentication system, so your application doesn't have to implement it, and it can easily be changed later. The article calls it "simple", but I'm not convinced just yet. I need to study up on it a bit more.

I had used it on my first successful personal J2EE application, my wedding website. JBoss provided a couple JAAS modules, one of which was driven by database tables, so I could easily get it to look up users in my wedding guest table. I hadn't realized it at the time, but that module was very JBoss-specific, and when I tried to do similar things in Weblogic, their DB module was much more complicated, and I couldn't quite figure it out.

I looked into writing my own, but Weblogic's support for standard APIs didn't seem to be complete, and they relied upon some Weblogic-specific interfaces, so I became completely disgruntled with JAAS and abandoned it. Maybe now that it's had a few years, it'll be better supported. Of course, I'd only be testing against JBoss these days, so I may not learn much new.

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