JOnAS: JBoss Alternative?

JOnAS 4.1 has been released and looks pretty advanced by the descriptions -- J2EE 1.4 support. I've also been curious about Tomcat 5, which it has integrated already. JBoss is getting a little stale in these areas, but it is working.

I don't even know if XDoclet has support for it, but it may be interesting to download it and see how it performs in relation to the JBoss 3.2.3 server I usually use.

I got it running pretty quickly. It's memory footprint looks similar to JBoss. The web console looks very nice at first glance -- actual monitoring with updating graphs, etc. I haven't figured out how to deploy to it yet, and my enthusiasm has slipped as I'm faced with figuring out how to create new message queues and data sources. I generally like to do this for myself in the config files, but maybe I'll have to take a serious look at the console. It's really not that big of a deal to type the stuff interactively as opposed to copying or cutting and pasting config files.

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