Java 2 SDK 5.0 on the Server

It's been a fun couple weeks with lots of major software releases, and I've quickly tested them all through my dev notebook and then to the server. These releases include first Struts 1.2.4, then JBoss 4.0.0, and now Java 2 SDK 5.0.

I've upgraded to Struts 1.2.4 from 1.1 for my weblog code, but really didn't change any code to take advantage of new features. The same goes for JBoss (3.2.5 to 4.0.0) and even Java 5. They've all been nicely backward compatible, and have afforded me a clean base from which to start learning the enhancements.

My biggest hurdle has been trying to figure out what to call the new Java. The installer dropped it in as jdk1.5.0. java -version says Java 2 ... build 1.5.0. I thought with these major additions to the language that Java 2 was becoming Java 5, but that doesn't seem to quite be it either. I think it's going to cause confusion among those who don't expect it.

Maybe I should ignore the marketspeak and just follow the number that the binary shows. The code is the authority, right?

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