Java ME Resources

An old friend submitted a comment inquiring about how to get started in Java ME, so here's my list of pointers:

  • Tool up: Eclipse, EclipseME, and Sun's Wireless Toolkit (I still use WTK 2.2).
  • Beginning J2ME: From Novice to Professional is a very thorough book, and I recommend it.
  • When I need to start making my apps look better, I'll probably look at J2ME Polish.
  • I watch GetJar to keep up with the other apps and games.
  • I heard discussed in some podcast that the Sprint Developer Program is pretty open with access to lots of the Java APIs (sometimes using developer root certificates).
  • Cingular's and SonyEricsson's security models for their phones can be infuriating, so you definitely want to search around and maybe even personally test what an application can do on a phone you're thinking of purchasing.
  • I still intend to stick with Cingular, though, so I'll say that the phones that currently interest me are the SonyEricsson W810 or maybe the Samsung D807.
  • I collect other links on delicious tagged: JavaME and Java+Mobile.
  • Lastly, you'll find anything else I have to say on this subject under the Java or Mobile categories on this weblog.

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