Killing Insurgents in Mosques

The latest news is that an NBC embedded reporter has video footage of a US Marine shooting a possibly wounded and possibly unarmed insurgent in a mosque. Insurgency is officially a high-risk pass-time. These marines have to worry about booby-trapped corpses and suicide bombers. It's not far fetched that a guy playing dead and suddenly starts wiggling around could be trying to blow you up.

In another little sound bite, a civilian is quoted saying something about a mosque being a sacred place. As I see it, our troops have had great respect for the mosques in not destroying them when insurgents attack from within them. The soldiers noted in today's news were investigating gun fire coming from the mosque. If the Iraqi people want any more respect paid to their mosques, then defend them yourselves from the insurgents who make them their base of operation. Gross manipulations of circumstances like this really anger me. If you're going to manipulate the situation to benefit your cause, please try to be less transparent about it.

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