Running S-L-O-W-L-Y

I added the cool little playlist thing to my weblog, but it's been running really slowly for the past couple days -- that's why my site seems to load slowly. Fortunately, my site renders quickly, so you can see the content right away, but the browser keeps spinning until that little javascript for the Recent Listening box finishes loading. It wouldn't be that noticeable, but it holds up my form-prefilling in Firefox, so it takes an extra 10 seconds or whatever until my login form prefills, so I can login.

I may need to add a button (and matching persisting cookie) to allow the user to turn off the playlist when it's running slowly. I see there's an RSS feed for my recent tracks in my profile. I may just need to teach the weblog code to consume and redisplay data from RSS.

I really love this application otherwise. I can see my listening habits, get lots of info related to the artists, and see others' recommendations. I also think publishing my listening habits gives others an interesting little window into my soul too.

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