Looking at Blojsom

Last night at the Harrisburg JUG meeting, Tim Stone presented his development copy of the JUG blog preview based on Blojsom.

Blojsom is very easy to install and get running, since it's file-backed by default. I got an instance running in my JBoss (well, Tomcat was only needed) instance in about 20 minutes.

I don't much care for the file-backed storage though. It just feels like a scalability/synchronization problem. All the storage backend is abstracted behind a fetcher inteface, though, so I could really be tempted to create a fetcher to get data from the EJBs that run my current weblog.

As I've said in the past, I'd start working to extend these other blog packages, if I wasn't using mine to learn all these technologies. I could, on the other hand, start using Blojsom or Roller for my weblog, and pick up another project to learn Struts.

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