MIDP 1.0 in EclipseME 1.5.0

Yesterday, I was having trouble getting MIDP 1.0 going on EclipseME. My steps to getting it working were pretty rough, but Craig Setera responded to my mailing list inquiries with a more straight-forward approach:

  1. Open J2ME Device Management Preferences.
  2. Duplicate the device which most closely matches what you want, such as DefaultColorPhone.
  3. Edit the new device
  4. Edit the Device Name to something more recognizable, like DefaultColorPhone MIDP1.0/CLDC1.0.
  5. Edit the Launch Command Template to hardcode a device name that the WTK will accept, instead of the new device name: -Xdevice:%device% becomes -Xdevice:DefaultColorPhone.
  6. Switch to the Libraries tab.
  7. Add the jars for the older specs:
    • cldcapi10.jar
    • midpapi10.jar
    • wma11.jar
  8. Remove the jars for the newer specs:
    • cldcapi11.jar
    • midpapi20.jar
    • wma20.jar
  9. Save the changes to the preferences.
  10. Restart Eclipse. This seemed necessary to get the Launch Command reloaded.
  11. Edit your project properties, and switch to the new device profile.
  12. Rebuild project.

At this point, I was happily up and running again.

On a side note: I was working in a new workspace to test this, so I had to do a fresh checkout of my project from SVN and create a J2ME Midlet Suite project from it. This process had been very painful in much older versions of EclipseME and Subclipse. I was never sure which package was causing the errors, but today, it works just fine. I'm pleased, because getting another person's enviroment setup won't take the hand-holding and black magic it once did.

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